Rs.1 Trillion worth foreign assets declared under Amnesty Scheme: Report

DUBAI: Pakistan nationals have legalized their assets worth Rs1 trillion in foreign jurisdiction including Rs346 billion in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), highest in a foreign country, Khaleej Times said in a report.

Overseas Pakistanis have expressed their trust over the amnesty scheme launched by the PTI government. As the Prime Minister Imran khan said in a speech that their government have all the details of the people having assets inside and in foreign country. In his speech he said that this is the last chance top declare your assets otherwise it will be under possession of government. The people of Pakistan are now trusting Imran Khan and putting their assets under declaration of FBR. As the last date to declare is 30th June, 2019 so government is hoping for more recovery.

According to Khaleej Times (UAE), Rs346 Billion declared assets are from UAE, Switzerland with its Rs114.8 billion legalized assets, While in the UK Rs89.7 billion, Singapore Rs87.3 billion and British Virgin Islands Rs48.9 billion assets were whitened, Director General for international tax at Federal Board of Revenue Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmed said in an interview with Khaleej Times.

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