Top 10 E-commerce sites in Pakistan

From the last 3 years, the industry of E-commerce is getting wide more and more. so Here are the top 10 E-commerce websites which delivers in Pakistan.


Ali Express is an one of the largest E-commerce website which provide almost all category things throughout the world. It an online store which delivers from China and gives cheap delivery throughout the world. It is actually multi-supplier store and contains Millions of product. The Review rating of this website is 9/10. The most interesting fact is that some supplier delivers the product at free shipping. Whether the product costs Rs.100/- (it will be delivered for free in Pakistan). It takes 10-30 days (with tracking) to deliver the product in Pakistan through Pakistan Post. Ali Express requires PayPal or Bank Transfer through Credit Card.

Website :AliExpress is one of the oldest E-commerce website in Pakistan. is considered to be most preferable, trusty website for online shopping. It is now own by ALIBABA GROUP, the owner of has numerous categories of product including grocery. It also Multi-supplier website with over 10 Million+ visitors a month. offer cash on delivery, Easypaisa/Jazzcash, credit card as well as Bank Transfer. It also offers free shipping and return. It usually delivers within 3-5 Days.


3. is owned by TCS and is one of the top E-commerce websites in Pakistan. It is too multi-supplier website usually provide quality products. It has multi categories. It delivers within 2-3 days with cash on delivery service and also accept Bank Transfer, Easypaisa/Jasscash as well as Credit Card.

Website: Yayvo

4. is also operated in Pakistan. It has multiple categories and thousands of products. It has 1 Million+ visitors throughout the month. It’s mostly known for technology gadgets and clothing. It provides cash on delivery service within 2-5 days. It is also multi-supplier website.

Website: HomeShopping


One of the oldest retailer in the market working from years now. The retailer is mostly known for its Chinese gadgets and accessories even though it has a relatively decent selection of products. It also sale new and used technology gadgets. The marketing of this website is very low so 80% of its traffic comes from organic reach. It provides cash on delivery with 2-3 days. The other payment options include Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Cheque delivery, Easypaisa/Jazzcash and Paypal.

Website: Symbios


Export Left Over is well known because of its clothing. It is actually own by Image garments in Faisalabad. It mostly deals in men, women as well as kids clothing. it provide delivery within 1-3 days with options of cash on delivery as well as Easypaisa/Jazzcash. It is well known for its best quality. It also provide 100% money back guarantee.

Website: Export LeftOver


Shophive is also retaining its position from the years. It is mostly known for decent gadgets which are not available on the other stores. Traffic breakdown shows that ShopHive has done little in terms of marketing. More than three quarters of its traffic comes from organic search terms. Even now, it tends to be keeping its distance from any type of brand promotion. It provides Cash on delivery service within 2-7 days as well as it also provides Bank transfer, Credit Card, Multiple online wallet as well as Western Union.

Website: ShopHive

8. is a an online store which is well known for electronic items. It is multi-category and multi-supplier website. It provides cash on delivery within 2-3 days as well as the other payment options are Credit Card and Bank Transfer.

Webiste: Telemart

9. Bnbaccessories

Bnb Accessories is multi Category webiste with multi-supplier theme. It is mostly known expensive Gadgets like drone, mobile , camera etc. It has over 200,000 monthly views. It provides cash on delivery method. With the option of return policy BnB is also known for quality and prefers the same thing to be delivered.

Website: BnB Acccesories


iShopping is an online store which is best for electronic shopping in Pakistan. It has mulit-categories and provide cash on delivery. It has limited products and all the available products are best for quality wise. It has Bank Transfer, Easypaisa/Jazzcash as well as credit card method for payment. It usually takes 3-5 days to deliver the product.

Website: iShopping

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