5 Reasons for increase in Hepatitis C in Pakistan

Hepatitis C is an infectious, viral liver sickness. It is the most widely recognized blood-borne infection in the United States, and a great many people with hepatitis C don’t understand that they have it.

The common reasons for increase hepatitis C in Pakistan are:

  1. Blood to Blood Contact.
  2. Reuse of Injections.
  3. Sexual Activities with infected persons.
  4. Sharing Toothbrush, scissors and Razors.
  5. Neglect to wound.

Remember, 90% cause for liver cancer is Hepatitis C and it can cause death. According to World Health Organization report, in 2016 more than 399,000 people died due to Hepatitis C. If hepatitis C is examined within 06 months, it can be recovered through proper treatment.


Treatment of HCV removes the viruses from the body.

The current treatment for chronic hepatitis C is a combination of medications. The choice of medication and duration of treatment depends on the genotype of the virus. Genotype 1a is the most prevalent in the US, and presently there are several recommended treatment options using a combination of powerful antiviral medications.

Before the availability of DAAs, the treatment for chronic HCV was lengthy and uncomfortable, with less than ideal cure rates. Now the cure rates are over 90 percent. The average duration of treatment is 8 to 12 weeks. The medications are well-tolerated, with the most common side effects being headache and fatigue.


Anticipating HCV includes constraining introduction to the infection in the principal example.

Since HCV must be transmitted through blood to tainted blood introduction, the main method to counteract spreading HCV is by not imparting needles and staying away from all contact to the blood of other individuals.

When distinguished, individuals tainted with HCV ought to get both the hepatitis An and B immunizations, and make way of life changes to advance ideal liver wellbeing.

Corpulence, smoking, diabetes and liquor utilization can quicken the pace of liver scarring. It is significant that all people with HCV contamination keep up great wellbeing. This includes:

  • avoiding or quitting smoking.
  • maintaining ideal weight.
  • managing co-existing health problems.
  • abstaining from all alcohol.
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